Saturday, November 26, 2011

Leftover Turkey: Sriracha Sliders

I love having Thanksgiving leftovers, but by about day 3, I'm pretty much over having the same meal. At an annual potluck I have with some attorney friends of mine, one of the guests brought Hawaiian rolls instead of traditional rolls. Lucky for me, there were a few left for these delicious sliders. The slight sweetness in these rolls make the perfect offset to the spicy spread.

4 hawaiian rolls
1 cup cooked turkey
4 tbs sour cream*
sriracha -now here is where your personal preference/tolerance for heat comes into play. I would start off with a bit and add more to taste as you go along.

Split each rolls in half and toast them in toaster oven. Start with about 1/2 tsp sriracha and whisk it into the sour cream, adding more depending on your spice level. Spread sriracha sour cream on bottom half of roll, top with turkey and top half of roll. Repeat for the other three. Enjoy!

*You can use mayo and make a sriracha aioli instead, but I was feeling guilty after eating that huge Thanksgiving spread the night before!

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