I have been blessed with parents who love to cook and create dishes night after night that I can only dream to reproduce some day. Though our styles and cuisines vary greatly, there is one thing we share -joy and freedom in our kitchens. Another thing we have in common (one that makes might friends grumble when I post pictures), is that we tend to cook without measurements. For them, it has become second nature, thus eliminating any need to do so. For me, it's a process of trial and error. Most of my meals come from spontaneous ideas inspired by ingredients in my refrigerator or something I happen to see at the grocery store. The scallops posted in this blog, for instance. That night, I had gone to the store to buy salmon but when I got there, I wasn't impressed with their stock. What I did see were these firm large scallops calling my name. I took them home, browsed a few recipes on line to figure out how to cook them (I had never cooked them before), made a corn salad to go with it -and that became dinner. I know this doesn't bode well with some of you, so once in a while (I can't promise more), I will try to take note, maybe even measure, and add recipes to my photographs.