Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kitchen Tip: Leftover Wine

I know most of my friends will read this and say, "leftover wine? There's no such thing!" But even I have to admit there are times when I end up pouring perfectly good wine down the drain.  There have been other times when I'm craving just a glass but forgo it because I don't want the rest to go to waste. It was while I was cooking one day that I found the perfect solution.

I was making a roast and found that it needed a bit of wine for acidity.  I looked around and realized that the only bottles I had left were a couple of really nice wines I had bought from my last trip to Napa. Not wanting to use those, I ended up going to the store just to get a bottle for the 1/2 cup I needed. I never run into this problem anymore. Now, my freezer is always stocked with pre-measured portions of frozen* wine. It's perfect for when I just need a cup -or even a few tablespoons- of wine for cooking.

I freeze the wine in 1-cup plastic containers or in ice cube trays -then take out cubes and store in freezer ziplock bags, making sure to get as much air out as possible before sealing. I've even just poured the wine straight into the freezer bag and it's never been a problem. Just make sure to prop the bag up in a container or bowl for stability. Though some suggest thawing to room temperature for use, I've always just scooped out the needed amount and added it to the pot.

Note: this Tip is only for use in cooking. I wouldn't recommend drinking it!

*It doesn't actually freeze to a solid state, but is semi-slushy.

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  1. Very clever!! Though I can just imagine people trying to "drink" the ice-cubed wine! :)