Sunday, January 9, 2011

Savory Oats

Like many people, when I think of oatmeal, I think of a bowl of mush that happens to be really good for you... made appetizing by the addition bananas, brown sugar, and maybe some blueberries and walnuts if I'm feeling adventurous. I haven't always been good about starting off the day with breakfast, usually resulting in me starving by noon. A friend suggested that I just make a pot of plain oatmeal so that I would have a convenient, healthy breakfast on hand in the mornings. The day before, I had some with honey. Yesterday, I added bananas and brown sugar (and really enjoyed it). By Day 3, I felt oatmealed out.

I realized that the problem is that I'm more of a savory-breakfast person. Don't get me wrong. I love warm blueberry pancakes or french toast with maple syrup, but I'd rather someone else at the table order it so I can have a few bites of theirs after I'm done with my omelet.

On Day 3 of my oats-for-breakfast kick, I decided I was done and that eggs were in order. As I rummaged through through the refrigerator for ingredients, it dawned on me that I could come up with a savory meal incorporating the oatmeal. I sliced up a small red onion, some mushrooms and several sprigs of cilantro, sauteed them in a bit of olive oil, added salt and fresh cracked pepper. Mixed in a cup of the cooked plain oatmeal into the pan and there I had it -savory oats for breakfast.

Optional: top with fried egg, over easy.

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  1. yummy. Im going to have to try this as I, like you like savory. I'm so excited to try it. Great idea venu. Love this blog.